Joshua Kirchmeier

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In my professional capacity, I am an IT Leader, focusing on digital transformation aimed at propelling business growth and driving value for my company. On a personal note, I take pride in being a dedicated husband and father.


While my official role entails leading these transformative efforts, at heart, I consider myself a change agent. My true passion is to introduce new capabilities, technologies, and approaches that empower my company to compete and advance in the ever-evolving business landscape. By driving innovation and fostering a culture of adaptation, I strive to position my organization for continued success and sustainable growth.

About me


As an accomplished business and technical leader with over 15 years of experience spanning diverse industries, technologies, and roles, I have had the privilege of leading teams, products, projects, and departments dedicated to delivering innovative capabilities with tangible benefits.


I find great joy in working with technology and collaborating with individuals to develop a visionary approach that maximizes value and return on investment. Moreover, I firmly believe in fostering an environment where work is enjoyable and fulfilling.


By blending expertise with a sense of fun, I strive to create exceptional outcomes and meaningful experiences for both teams and stakeholders alike.

Past Experiences

Business Optimization & Excellence


Throughout my career, I have successfully delivered multi-million dollar efficiencies in numerous engagements by harnessing the power of service management and lean/agile frameworks. With a keen focus on optimization and a strong commitment to delivering business value, I have consistently applied these concepts and fostered a mindset of continuous improvement. By leveraging these frameworks, I have been able to drive impactful changes that optimize processes, enhance operational efficiency, and generate significant cost savings.

Innovation & Transformation


My track record speaks for itself when it comes to successfully establishing new solutions, services, and capabilities. I have consistently leveraged modern approaches, platforms, and cutting-edge tooling to modernize legacy systems, eliminate technical debt, and gain a competitive advantage. By embracing innovative technologies and strategies, I have been able to drive transformative change, ensuring that our systems are future-proofed and optimized for enhanced performance. I am driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to delivering tangible results that position organizations for sustained success in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

More About Josh



I am a passionate leader with a diverse technical and managerial background, dedicated to delivering value and fostering collaborative success. I thrive in architecting and leading transformative solutions, services, and organizations across various industries such as Defense, Government, Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Banking, Education, Healthcare, Oilfield Services, Tribal Nations, Insurance, and Software Development.

Throughout my career, I have excelled in roles encompassing leadership, technical management, product ownership, project management, and people management. I have extensive experience in driving cloud-native transformations, innovation initiatives, and DevOps practices. As a Service Owner, I specialize in Kubernetes and Container Platform Management, Cloud Native Services, and Containers as a Service. Additionally, my expertise spans service management and ITILv4, SharePoint architecture and development, .NET application development, SQL BI development, business analysis, and department management.


I live in Southern New Hampshire with my family, embracing the convenience of our location that offers easy access to a plethora of outdoor activities with nearby mountains, oceans, and lakes. We are fortunate to relish the beauty of nature while still being in close proximity to vibrant urban centers, allowing us to indulge in fantastic dining experiences, shopping adventures, and cultural activities. This perfect balance between nature and city life enriches our lives and provides a wealth of opportunities for both relaxation and exploration.


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